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4 Tips For Returning Home After Leaving The Maternity Ward

Posted By Zeeshan Roy On Thu, Jan 28, 2021



1. Be Well Prepared

Ensure that the bedroom, clothes and layout of the bathroom are in proper order and wash baby clothes prior to departing for the maternity ward. This will help expectant parents achieve a sense of calm. Since you can never be sure of the exact date you will depart for the maternity ward, it is prudent to complete your home’s new organization by the beginning of the seventh month of pregnancy.


2. Get Help From Your Hubby

Mothers are often tired when they return home. They need time to recover from childbirth and feel the stress caused by the delivery and the change of pace set by nights that are often short in the few weeks after birth. This is the time when they need the father’s active presence more than anything. Whether the mother is breastfeeding or not, a division of tasks may show up. Indeed, the father can take care of his little one by bathing, changing and taking the baby for a walk… and thus allowing mother to get some rest.


3. Focus On Your Baby & Yourself

For the mothers, the most important thing upon returning home is to avoid becoming exhausted. This specifically leads to them needing to focus less on general household tasks. They must instead focus on the basics and take opportunities to rest when the baby is napping. During those moments, they should not hesitate to seek help from loved ones (family, friends, neighbors) and ask for a helping hand that they are generally pleased to provide. One useful tip: do your shopping online!

For visits, there is no well-established rule. However, if the mother is very tired, it is sometimes better to postpone visits to a time when she will be more well-rested so that everyone can fully enjoy it.


4. Seek Professional Advice

Also, take note that during the period when the mother must be monitored, supported and advised upon her return home, midwives often make home visits and always provide good advice on the organization of everyday life with baby.

While returning home with Baby is always somewhat stressful, this is normal and only lasts as long as it takes to establish a new rhythm and a new organization where everyone is able to find his or her place.

This often only takes a few weeks… and then life becomes a real pleasure for three… or more




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