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5 Reasons Why Teether Is Good For Your Baby

Posted By Zeeshan Roy On Wed, Mar 17, 2021

Along with soothing the gums, baby teethers are good for improving their motor skills, comforting during stressful situations, and bringing a sense of motherly feeling.


1. Soothes the baby’s gums:


The teething process can be extremely painful for the baby, we too have gone through it, but glad we do not remember that unpleasant phase. Good riddance, right? Unfortunately, it’s a primitive thing and despite breathing in the world of digital, there’s no alternative for the teething process. EVERY baby has to go through this inevitable process in life. However, science has done some significant progress in making it a MUCH less painful experience for the little ones. Teethers have been in the modern market for a while, but it wasn’t not long ago when it gained its popularity in India. The new age parents know the many benefits of a teether and soothing the baby’s gums is the major one. A teether helps them distract from the pain and provides long-lasting relief.




2. Enhances their motor skills: 


What if we say that teethers make your baby smarter? Would you believe us? Maybe Yeah, maybe Nah. But what if we say that it’s proven by the top cognitive scientists?

 Babies learn to grasp and hold their teethers in a way that it levels up their dexterity and reinforcing their spatial awareness. Furthermore, it’s in their second-nature to put their senses to test by touching, poking, and putting things in their mouth. This entire process makes strengthens their intuition.

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3. Comforts them:

 Teethers are quite handy when your baby deals with traumatic situations such as taking vaccines, accidentally falling down or just physically hurting themselves in some way. Once they put it in the mouth, it distracts them from the physical pain and brings a sense of deep relaxation.

If the baby has been using the teether for a while, it only gets easier for them to relax during times of discomfort.


4. Brings a Motherly Feeling:

Babies are used to suckling till the age of 12 months. More than about satiating their hunger, it helps to create a strong mother-child bond. Babies usually long for that emotional connection, and teethers work as back-up momma during certain situations. Most Teether Toys are made of soft materials that closely match that of the mother’s nipples. When they put the teether in the mouth, they automatically associate it with the feeling of suckling, thereby bringing the warm motherly sensation they are craving.

5. Entertains the Little ones: 

Who doesn’t love a smiling baby? No one, that’s who! Teethers usually have a cartoonish shape and appearance – babies love that. It makes them feel drawn to it and the colors induce the happy hormones inside their tiny brains. These attributes make teethers a highly entertaining toy that babies cannot get enough of.

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