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5 Teething Signs To Look For In Your Baby

Posted By Zeeshan Roy On Fri, Jan 8, 2021

Teething signs can sometimes be hard to detect, and the whole process can be a painful and frustrating experience for your baby. New parents are often clueless as to why their babies behave in such a manner. If your baby is showing any of the symptoms from our list below, chances are that teething season is upon them.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in through the 5 teething signs that will give you a heads-up so that you are better prepared:

1. Irritation

Imagine the discomfort when the new, sharp teeth start growing out of your gums. Ouch! That sounds painful, right? Now, you understand what your little one must go through. During this time, it’s natural to see them acting furious and ornery. The best way to deal with this situation is by giving them a long, warm cuddle, playing calming music in the background, and give some toys to keep them entertained. The feeling of comfort can alleviate the pain and provide psychological relief.


2. Mild Fever

 A slight increase in body temperature is expected during the process. The temperature can reach up to 100 F but not more than that. As a smart parent, you should always keep track of the temperature, if it goes beyond 100 F there are chances that your baby is going through something far serious, and you must be mindful about it.

3. Drooling

 It is seen when your baby reaches the age of 10 weeks to 3-4 months+. Drooling is quite common during the teething process. Researchers say that saliva helps in reducing the soreness of the gums.

4. Cheek Rubs

 Babies are too little to know how their body works. Their innocent, pea-sized brains make them perform certain bodily functions through instincts. They react by rubbing their cheeks to pacify the pain that’s been caused by teething.

5. Restless

 The unpleasant sensation during the teething period can keep the babies up all night long. An easy way to tell if your baby is bothered by teething at night is by observing if they are waking up after every 20 minutes. Moreover, providing a cool teething ring can make them feel better during such sleepless nights.

It’s not all bad and painful, teething is a huge step towards a beautiful smile on your baby’s face. You have what it takes to make it a more comfortable experience for them

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