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  • How is Sophie made?

    Sophie la girafe is made using 100% natural rubber.

    To “decorate” her, we use a paint composed of 100% natural rubber that is mixed with natural pigments.

    Discover the secrets behind how she is made:
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  • What is natural rubber?

    The latex from the Hevea tree was first processed in 1928 using the vulcanization technique invented by Mr. Charles Goodyear.

    The rubber used by Vulli comes exclusively from the Hevea trees growing in Malaysia. Each morning before the heat of the day settles in, the milky liquid that oozes from the cells beneath the bark is collected from these millions of Hevea trees. This liquid is known as “latex”.

    This latex is natural, soft, elastic, waterproof, insulating and pleasant to the smell and touch.

  • How do I clean natural rubber products?

    The best way to clean the surface of the natural rubber product is with a damp cloth and soapy water, which is also stated on the product packaging.

    DO NOT boil

    DO NOT sterilize

    NO dishwasher

  • How long can I keep my Sophie?

    Intended for infants and promoting the development of all 5 senses from the earliest age, it is also meant to be put in baby’s mouth to relieve his sore gums during teething.
    Therefore, for hygienic reasons, this product must not be used by several babies, exchanged, given to another baby or resold. Just as with a toothbrush, pacifier or feeding bottle nipple, this toy must only make the happiness of a single “little” owner.

    Furthermore, it is important to remember that Sophie la girafe is made from natural rubber; a “living” material that changes over time and under storage conditions – some precautions are necessary,as noted on the packaging:
    “Examine the product carefully before each use, especially when the child has teeth. Pull the product in all directions and discard it if shows the slightest sign of deterioration or fragility. Do not expose to direct sunlight and keep away from sources of heat.”

    Sophie is intended for use by only 1 child.

  • How do I clean my Sophie?

    Show me how to clean my Sophie

    Under normal use of Sophie la girafe and in accordance with packaging instructions, cleaning the teether’s surface using a cloth moistened with soapy water is all that is needed. Please note that the teether’s whistle leaves a hole on the surface. Users must therefore ensure that water does not enter inside the product during cleaning.

    For this same reason, it is important to refrain from rinsing or submerging Sophie la girafe and from placing the teether in the dishwasher.
    If required, it is possible to spend more time scrubbing with your cloth moistened with soapy water. In fact, the longer the time spent scrubbing the product with soap, the more effective the cleaning.

    We do not recommend rinsing/immersing her with water as she may become damaged.

  • Can Sophie be sterilized?

    In accordance with what is written on the product packaging, we do not recommend sterilizing Sophie la girafe.
    Known sterilization methods require partial or full immersion of the product in a sterilizing solution (boiling water or water with a sterilization tablet) that could damage it.

  • Can Sophie be placed in the bath?

    It is important to remember that Sophie la girafe is not a bath toy. Should water enters the product, there is a risk of damage to the whistle and the product itself.

  • Is there a risk for children if water stagnates in Sophie?

    There is no specific risk for your child.
    However, as with any hollow-bodied product, water entering it and remaining stagnant can transform into mould.
    We kindly remind you that if the cleaning and usage instructions are observed, there is no reason for water to penetrate inside the product.

  • Why do some Sophie’s look different than others?

    Each Sophie la girafe teether produced bears a batch number on one of the legs, enabling full product traceability. All our giraffes are hand-painted. Their colour differs according to the quantity of material, the shade of the natural pigment and the actions of our operators in our workshops.
    Each Sophie la girafe is therefore unique.

  • What type of paint is used?

    The paints used on Sophie la girafe are composed of 100% natural rubber (the same as the one used for the fabrication of Sophie la girafe) and natural pigments. Once these two materials are mixed by the operator, they form the food-grade “paint” that is used to decorate Sophie la girafe.
    The same brown pigment is applied to make the spots, ears, horns and hoofs; the pink pigment to make the mouth and cheeks; and finally, the black pigment for the eyes.

  • How do we certify the quality of our products?

    Each Sophie la girafe teether produced bears a batch number on one of the legs, enabling full product traceability.
    Each number corresponds to a batch tested in a recognized laboratory and certifies its compliance with the strictest current European and worldwide standards. We are one of the rare teether manufacturers in the world to provide our consumers with such strong product traceability and resulting safety level.
    Furthermore, all Sophie la girafe products produced for the European market carry the European Union CE label. This label indicates that the Vulli Company guarantees that the product fulfills the European Toy Safety Directive. In practice, this means that all Sophie la girafe products must fulfill the most stringent regulatory requirements in the industry.

  • What is the meaning of the numbers on my product?

    The Vulli Company has always placed the quality of its products at the heart of its concerns. For over fifty years, consumers have placed their trust in us and we do our utmost to satisfy them.

    All of our products sold worldwide comply with European and global legislated standards. As such, Vulli provides its clients with products that comply with the very highest requirements. Regardless of the regulations in force in the country where they are sold, the same products are sold worldwide, meeting the most stringent legislation in all areas. Vulli has only one requirement: providing the very best to our customers.
    We have even gone one step further in terms of the quality that goes into the 100% natural rubber Sophie la girafe. In fact, since July 2011, each Sophie la girafe produced has her lot number printed on the back of a leg, enabling full product traceability (production date and relevant laboratory analysis).
    Each number corresponds to a batch tested by an approved laboratory and certifies its compliance with European and international standards. In case of doubt, health authorities can access these analytical reports. Moreover, we believe that we are the only toy manufacturer worldwide to offer such a high level of batch traceability, and therefore a high safety level for our consumers.

  • My product is defective. What do I do?

    Sophie la giraffe INDIA warrants its products against defects in material for a period of one (1) year.

    Please contact customer care for further assistance.

  • What is the warranty?

    Sophie la girafe warrants its products against defects.

    We stand behind all of our products and will replace, free of charge during the first 3 months after purchase, any Sophie la girafe product that is defective.

    Proof of purchase / batch number are necessary and product must be returned for warranty service. Should you have a warranty claim, please contact customer care

    This warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the product which was sold by an authorized retailer.

    Kindly note that the paint used for Sophie la girafe is food graded paint. This is an alimentary painting method and the quantity used is at the minimum level, so it is possible that Sophie’s paint can be diluted when you first clean Sophie and over time. This is natural and it does not affect the quality of Sophie la girafe. Sophie is still in compliance with all European and worldwide standards. And of course, the more Sophie is used, cleaned and love, the more this might happen. If you check our instagram page, you will see that Sophies that are very much used & loved are likely to become lighter and none have the same color.

    Teethers like pacifiers, wear out eventually. They get chewed and used, they fall and get cleaned and may fade or break at one point. This is why we recommend to parents to always keep an eye on their little ones when playing.

  • I think I might have a counterfeit product. What should I do?

    Please note that we are extremely vigilant about this issue to the best of our knowledge.
    Finding deeply discounted or cheap prices through search engines or on seemingly authentic Sophie la girafe sites are often a good indication that a product is counterfeit.
    Our products are of a premium quality and well-known. We have seen many unauthorized retailers offer ‘wholesale’ prices or ‘clearance’ and ‘sale’ discounts on counterfeit products.
    If a deal seems too good to be true, question it – it usually is.

    If you are in INDIA, Customer Care will help to verify if your product is authentic or not.
    Please contact customer care

  • Where can I buy the Sophie la girafe products?

    Please visit our store locator to find the list of the authorized retailers or order directly through the
    Sophie ’ s boutique .

  • What is the delivery time?

    Shipping & Timelines

    We dispatch our products within 1 to 2 days from the order date, from Monday to Friday (excluding Indian public holidays), and it takes another 1 to 6 working days for the order to reach you based on your location. As soon as we ship your order, we will send you a notification by email and also share the courier tracking details so you know when to expect it.

    Expected delivery timelines based on location

    Within Mumbai: Please allow 2 to 4 working days for the courier to be delivered

    Metros: Please allow 3 to 5 working days for the courier to be delivered

    Non-Metros and Interiors: Please allow 5 to 10 working days for the courier to be delivered

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